Anime Characters That Would Make Great Detectives

The Detective is already Dead

By Kieran Franklyn (ChocolateKieran)

The Detective Is Already Dead features a legendary detective, Siesta, and her sidekick, Kimihiko Kimizuka—the two make quite a team, but which other anime characters could give Kimihiko a run for his money as Siesta’s assistant?

Agent Six from Combatants Will Be Despatched!

Although he is part of the evil Kisaragi corporation, Agent Six has a good heart and often gives in to his good conscience to help others; even if that wasn’t his intention from the start… His interrogative nature and sneaky behaviour would also come in handy!

Agent Six’s ability to summon items by writing a memo and having Kisaragi Corp send it to his exact location would be great when needs an item to help solve a case too. He also has night vision and enhanced physical abilities, which would be perfect when hunting for clues and suspects at night time.

If all else fails Agent Six could always harass the information out of suspects and get some Evil Points along the way.

Emma from The Promised Neverland

Emma Promised Neverland Anime Detectives

Though she’s young, Emma is nothing short of a genius. Emma’s positive attitude and her ability to sympathise with others are crucial skills that would help her to understand the suspect’s motivations behind their actions.

She’s also athletically gifted which would be incredibly useful when keeping up with a suspect. Besides, who wouldn’t confess to their crimes when faced with Emma’s sweet and positive smile?!

Matsumoto from Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-

Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song Matsumoto

As an advanced AI from the future, Matsumoto can use his extensive knowledge of the past, as well as his advanced hacking abilities to both calculate and learn information easily in any digital age.

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He also has the ability to switch his consciousness into other technological bodies or machines, meaning he could easily follow his suspects and pick up clues. The clever AI can also hide his presence, so good luck to any culprits on the run when Matsumoto is on the job!

As seen in the series, Matsumoto can even become a cute little teddy bear. I’m sure we’ve all told our cuddly toys a secret or two right?

Nana Hiiragi from Talentless Nana

Nana Hiiragi Talentless Nana Anime Detectives

Being a meticulous schemer herself, Nana would be privy to many tricks and tactics used by suspects while on the case as a detective’s assistant. She’s a very careful thinker and is able to outsmart and manipulate those around her.

There are very few that can keep up with Nana’s analytical abilities and while she may look sweet and harmless, she is definitely someone every suspect should fear!

Armin from Attack On Titan

Armin Arlert Attack on Titan Detectives

Armin is by far one of the smartest characters in Attack on Titan, having come up with some of the most jaw-breaking and mind-bending plans that have led to revelations that shocked fans.

Not only is he great at coming up with plans but he is also extremely meticulous, Armin may be peerless when it comes to planning, reasoning, and deduction.

Hawks from My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Quirks Explained Hawks Header

Hawks has been shown to be one of the smartest heroes in My Hero Academia, not just in a traditional sense, but also when it comes to understanding the emotions and feelings of others. His high emotional intelligence is a trait that could be paramount in understanding how or why suspects may take certain actions and behaviours, which would make solving a lot of cases a cinch for him.

Let’s not forget that Hawks can use his Fierce Wings Quirk to discreetly pick up sound and decipher conversations through the vibrations in the air. This powerful skill would be the ace in his assistant detective hat when sneaking around, let’s not forget he can also use his Quirk for defence and attack to get himself out of any sticky situations!

Hawks’ good heart and heroic nature are features that would add to make him a devoted & successful assistant detective.

What anime characters do YOU think would do amazing detective work that didn’t make it on the list this time around? Catch The Detective Is Already Dead on Funimation today!