Pokémon Evolutions Anime to Adventure Through Every Region on YouTube, Pokémon TV

Pokemon Evolutions PV Screenshot 1

Were you a fan of recent Pokémon web anime series like Twilight Wings? Well, here’s some good news: Pokémon Evolutions, a new eight-episode anime series detailing adventures in every Pokémon region, is headed your way!

The Pokémon Company announced the news on Thursday, confirming that Episode 1 would be hitting the series’ YouTube channel on September 9 and the Pokémon TV application, which recently launched on Nintendo Switch.

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Each of the OLM-produced series’ eight episodes will feature a story from one of the franchise’s varied regions. The series will kick off with a tale from Galar (from Pokémon Sword & Shield) and work its way backwards to Kanto (Pokémon Red & Blue).

A trailer for the series, key visual and episode breakdown were all revealed, so it’s time to start guessing what each episode will be about!

  • “The Champion” will feature Galar region Champion Leon and the legendary Pokémon Eternatus. (September 9)
  • “The Eclipse” looks to have Lillie and Alola’s Pokémon Moon legendary mascot, Lunala. (September 23)
  • “The Visionary” will take place in Kalos and focus on Team Flare boss Lysandre and the legendary Pokémon Xerneus. (October 7)
  • “The Plan” sees the return of Team Plasma leader Ghetsis and the legendary Pokémon Zekrom. (October 21)
  • “The Rival” will follow Sinnoh rival Barry and his Empoleon. (December 2)
  • “The Wish” features Zinnia and Hoenn’s legendary dragon mascot, Rayquaza. (December 9)
  • “The Show” will focus on the Johto region’s Kimono Girls and legendary Pokémon Lugia. (December 16)
  • “The Discovery” is the final episode of the series and looks to follow Green in Kanto with her Blastoise. (December 23)

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Source: The Pokémon Company official YouTube channel.