Studio MAPPA Hits the Floor with Dance Dance Danseur Anime Adaptation

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The studio that brought you Yuri!!! on ICE is ready to show off more of its moves, announcing a TV anime adaptation of Dance Dance Danseur for 2022!

Here’s the first teaser visual, starring dancer Junpei Murao:

Dance Dance Danseur Anime Teaser visual

Munehisa Sakai (ZOMBIE LAND SAGA) is leading as director at studio MAPPA, followed by Yoshimi Narita (DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-) on series composition and Hitomi Hasegawa (Attack on Titan key animation) on character design.

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Here’s a preview of Hasegawa’s designs for Junpei, courtesy of MAPPA:

Dance Dance Danseur Anime Design Sheet 1
Dance Dance Danseur Anime Design Sheet 2

Based on the manga by George Asakura, Dance Dance Danseur follows Junpei Murao, a boy who discovers a love for ballet after watching a male dancer perform at his sister’s recital. However, a terrible tragedy makes him leave it behind to become more masculine…until one day, his love is reignited.

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Source: MAPPA official Twitter account

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