Aww, Can We Keep Them? The Cutest Anime Sidekicks

Happy Fairy Tail Anime Sidekicks

Have you ever noticed that some of the most popular or viral content online is of cute animals? There really is just something about a duck drinking water from Starbucks, a kitty tucked in bed or a puppy wearing a sweater that makes us say “Awww” and want to double-tap-to-like.

These adorable creatures refresh our timeline with positivity! Similarly, some of our absolutely favorite anime characters are the animal sidekicks that just make us want to keep them! Sadly, we can’t, since they’re not real, but that’s what plushies are for…

And today, we’re breaking down some of the cutest anime sidekicks and why we love them! In truth, this list could go on forever because they’re all cute, but we’ve narrowed down a few for you.

Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 1 Screenshot

When he isn’t the giant and mighty Cerberus, this cute fella can often be found in his compact form as Kero-chan. As Sakura’s informational guide to all things Clow Card, Kero-chan spends his time bossing Sakura around, playing video games and eating sweets.

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Though despite his sometimes-selfish attitude, this cutie is always there to cheer Sakura up. Who wouldn’t want a magical stuffed bear that can play games with you and help do your hair?

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Ein from Cowboy Bebop

Ein Meet Cowboy Bebop Top 5

When you think about the cutest anime sidekicks, we have to include Ein! He’s not a regular corgi; this good doggy is a data dog, genetically altered to be extremely intelligent via some nefarious means.

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Luckily, the Bebop crew took Ein in as one of their own, and he can do more than typical dog tricks. Ein can drive a car, answer phone calls, communicate with other animals, hack a computer with his mind, play shogi; the list goes on! He can also sense when his friends are in trouble. Good boy!

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Hawk from The Seven Deadly Sins

hawk seven deadly sins companion creature

There’s no way we were getting through this list without mentioning Hawk! Come on, he’s a talking pig! Well, he’s more of a pig-like creature from purgatory, but let’s not get into semantics.

Lord Hawk is easily irritated by Meliodas’ carefree attitude, but when push comes to shove, he’s always got his back. Besides his ability to talk, Hawk can smell things from over a mile away, is a skilled dressmaker, can run a business and absorb the characteristics of anything he eats that has magic powers.

He might be a bit cheeky, but we can’t help but love him!

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Pipe from DECA-DENCE


Show of hands, how many of you instantly fell in love with this adorable Gadoll, Pipe, while watching DECA-DENCE? This six-legged, bug-eyed creature just makes you want to hug it and rub its squishy belly!

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Unlike other Gadoll, Pipe is inherently kind toward humans, especially to Natsume. And despite having the ability to shoot small puffs of steam from a blowhole, Pipe is easily frightened. Of course, this can be remedied with a pat on the head.

Pipe might be the newest on this list, but is undoubtedly worthy of being on this list!

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Kirara from Inuyasha

Kirara is so precious that she can melt the coldest of hearts! (Figuratively and literally, because, you know…fire powers.) She may appear as a little fox, but Kirara is actually a nekomata, a Japanese mythological creature similar to a kitsune.

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Her personality? More like your standard cat. She loves to eat fish, cat treats and play with toys, though she’s more open to snuggling than most regular cats. And she’s proven to be a reliable sidekick, helping Sango and the gang by fighting demons, locating jewel shards and providing transport by growing to the size of a lion that can fly.

Oh, and did we mention Kirara is around 300 years old? What are your aging secrets…

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Happy from FAIRY TAIL

You can’t have the cutest anime sidekick list without Happy from FAIRY TAIL! Just look at him! A blue cat with big eyes, tiny wings and perky ears, Happy has the perfect formula for making fans go “Awwwww!”

What he lacks in stature, he makes up for in magical ability. Happy is actually a powerful mage who can cast spells at fast and unreal speeds. He also has the appetite of a teen going through puberty, so make sure you’ve got lots of snacks.

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For the most part, his personality is much like his name. However, if you make him mad enough, you’ll encounter his dark side, and we do not recommend angering him. Plus, why would you want to?

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And that completes our list for today! Who is your favorite? Did they make the list? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest news on all things anime.