Let’s Eat! The Wonderful World of Food Anime

Dagashi Kashi Episode 9 Screenshot

For me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than preparing and enjoying a good meal. This speaks volumes coming from someone who was once a notoriously picky eater, but I’ve since learned that trying new foods has exposed me to a whole new world of dishes and variety!

And anime has showcased so many tasty snacks and meals that I’ve wished I could try in an instant. There’s something soothing and comforting about watching an anime about food, ranging from lavish desserts to baked goods and even hearty ramen recipes.

Food anime is special because it showcases the influence food can have, and demonstrates how preparation and cooking of a recipe can create a long-lasting, heartfelt memory! Let’s dig into some shows that capture that vibe.

Yakitake!! Japan 

Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitake!! Japan takes viewers into the beautiful world of bread baking. If you’ve ever enjoyed any baking or dessert competition reality show, this anime will appeal to you and get you to want to start whipping up your own patisserie treats!

The main character, Kazuma Azuma, is on a quest to create a national bread for Japan, as most countries have a signature bread associated with them. He decides to head to Pantasia, a well-known bread-making chain, and competes with other bakers along his journey.

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What I love most about this anime is while it seems like a very mundane cooking anime, it is anything but. Watching this show is so entertaining, with its tense baking competitions and a string of memorable characters, that viewers will easily get hooked into the show’s narrative. It’s no secret that Kazuma is skilled, but his interactions with others allow him to become a better cook and motivate him for future recipes.

This series reminds me of how therapeutic baking can be, and how creating your own recipes can spark innovation for yourself. Though I’m not the best baker, Kazuma and the others encourage novices in the series, and in turn, me, to try new recipes even if they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing for Instagram.

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Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

fate spin-offs

In Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, viewers are introduced to an alternate Fate/stay night universe where Shirou Emiya lives peacefully with his family and friends in Fuyuki City. The focus is on Shirou cooking various types of Japanese cuisine for them throughout the year’s four seasons.

Looking for a gentle slice of life series packed with incredible dishes? Look no further. This show has such a calming presence, making it a great series to watch after a long, tedious day.

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From hamburger steak to toshikoshi soba, I would love to be a guest at Shirou’s dinner table to try his recipes. Viewers of this show will delight in seeing all the mouthwatering dishes that Shirou creates in the kitchen, and seeing fan-favorites from the broader Fate/stay night series.

This anime reminds me of cooking shows I would watch growing up, and I love how they explain each recipe while making it. The food looks so flavorful that you’ll want to recreate these recipes at home. And the best part? It shows how comforting and warming food can be. After all, a shared food experience is one of the best!

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Dagashi Kashi


This series revolves around Shikada Dagashi, a countryside shop selling cheap candy and snacks (also known as dagashi), and it’s been in the family for many years. The main character, Kokonotsu, does not want to take over the shop from his father, yo, and would rather be a mangaka.

So when Hotaru Shidare of the sweets manufacturer Shidare Corporation visits the shop, she hopes to convince Kokonotsu to join her family’s company. But first, Hotaru has to convince Kokonotsu to take over Shikada Dagashi.

Dagashi Kashi is a series that might feel formulaic at first glance, but it’s exciting in the way it challenges the mundane or slower parts of life. If you have tried or enjoy Japanese snacks, you’re in for a real treat. Each episode revolves around a group of snack items, including popular favorites such as Umaibo, Bottle Ramune, Cola Gum and more! Viewers will be introduced to a whole new world of snacks and even learn a little history about each treat.

The show has a simple slice of life format set in a beautiful rural town, mixed with chaos caused by Hotaru’s wacky antics like challenging Kokonotsu to one-on-one snack competitions to coerce him to take over the shop. It’s an anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is why viewers will love and relish in the wackiness it presents in each episode.

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Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World is a great foodie anime for fans who enjoy fantasy and isekai stories. The show’s primary setting is the Western Restaurant Nekoya, situated in a Tokyo shopping district that offers many Japanese versions of Western dishes—with a unique twist: Every weekend, a portal to another world opens and the restaurant is filled with supernatural and otherworldly patrons.

Nekoya is a restaurant I would love to travel to. Its menu has a variety of delicious foods ready to be enjoyed by its customers, and the food looks divine. Plus, it has such a welcoming atmosphere that instantly attracts its visitors. As the saying goes, “Food is much better when shared with someone.”

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In this anime, food manages to bring together people from different worlds to celebrate a good meal. It reminds me of times when I’ve dined with family and friends and the joy that comes with laughing and partaking in sharing food together.

Most anime I’ve watched with a food theme is set in a contemporary world that mirrors our own. Restaurant to Another World stands out to me because it immerses you in a vast number of fantasy lands and allows you to travel to new places. It’s exciting, adventurous and leaves you wanting to sample this talented chef’s creations!

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