Persona 25th Anniversary Website Goes Live, Teases December Announcement

Persona 5 Strikers

ATLUS has officially launched its Persona 25th Anniversary website, coinciding with the release date of the franchise’s first entry, Revelations: Persona in 1996 for the PlayStation!

The website kicks off a yearlong campaign for the franchise, which has sold over 15 million units worldwide to-date. ATLUS has teased new announcements for Persona, including merchandise, events, collaborations and games. The first of these? Persona digital wallpapers available on the site!

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Additionally, ATLUS announced it is revamping its online store, Shop ATLUS, and will launch in October with exclusive merchandise from the likes of Persona, Shin Megami Tensei and Catherine.

In Japan, ATLUS announced that all previous Persona anime adaptations would be available for streaming in the region. Funimation is currently streaming Persona4 The Golden ANIMATION and PERSONA5 the Animation (with an exclusive English dub!).

Also announced was a special 25th anniversary concert at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, set for November 21. Lyn Inaizumi (Persona 5) will also host a mini-concert during ATLUS’ Tokyo Game Show 2021 livestream on October 3.

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And if this all wasn’t exciting enough, ATLUS Japan has teased that the next Persona-related announcement will arrive in December.

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Source: ATLUS West on Twitter, ATLUS Japan