She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Reveals New Trailer, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Crossover Art

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Thanks to our incredible partners at KADOKAWA, we’ve got not one, but TWO exciting reveals for She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man, Funimation’s next co-production!

First up is the anime’s new promo video, giving us a deeper look at its fantasy world and delightful characters. Here are some shots from the new trailer!

The story follows avid VRMMORPG player Sakimori Kagami, who redesigns his sagely character danblf as a young girl one night on a whim. So when he suddenly wakes up in the world of Arch Earth Online, he—or rather she—is forced to assume the identity of Mira, and convince the world that she is the pupil of “his past self” that disappeared 30 years prior.

And there’s a whole other layer to behold…of clothing, that is.

In an official collaboration illustration, Mira has pro-dressed herself as another wise man, exchanging outfits with Rimuru Tempest of That Time Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!

Taking on the role of a young man as an old man as a young girl is Nichika Omori (Darwin’s Game), accompanied by Ayumu Murase (Haikyu!!) as Solomon, king of the Arkite kingdom, and Hinata Minami (Ranking of Kings) as Luminaria, a powerful sorcerer and one of the Nine Wise Men of Arkite.

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Keitaro Motonaga (Date A Live) is heading production at studio A-CAT, with series composition by Takamitsu Kouno (Absolute Duo), character designs by Kumi Horii (Infinite Stratos 2), and music by Go Sakabe (Date A Live).

If you’re a fan of reincarnation isekai, don’t miss She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man when it debuts on Funimation in January next year!

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Will you be diving into the world of She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man in 2022? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest news on all things anime, this season and beyond.

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