Skip Intro/End Credits Feature Comes to Funimation Smart TV and Gaming Console Apps

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The next time you turn on the Funimation App on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV or Vizio Smart TV and you’re a Funimation subscriber, you might see two new buttons on the video player appear as you watch your favorite anime!

No, this is not a drill. We’ve been focused on this highly requested feature and now it’s finally here—”Skip Credits”—or its more formal name, “Skippable Video Segments.”

What is “Skip Credits?”

If you’re not familiar with the “Skip Credits” feature, it’s a button that appears at the beginning of the opening credits and the beginning of the ending credits of a series.

Just press “X” (PS4) or “A” (Xbox One) on your controller or “OK” on your TV remote when the button appears and the player will automatically advance to the end of them.

Want to watch the opening or the ending instead? No problem! The button that appears will disappear after a few seconds and playback will continue uninterrupted. If you change your mind and want to skip, just use the controller or your remote to display the player interface and the skip button will be there!

But what about if an episode has a stinger or an art card after the end credits? Not to worry. If there is an art card or something that happens after the end credits, you’ll see that before the player plays the next episode.

What about recaps and previews? Stay tuned. For now, these will not be skipped in preparation for future updates to “Skip Credits.” Just hit the right directional button a few times and use the screenshots as a guide to fast forward through the recap.

You can also use the “Next” player control to skip the preview and go to the next episode, but any art cards or stingers will also be skipped.

Why make the default automatic behavior to play through the opening and ending instead of skipping it? We want fans to have full control over their anime-watching experience and to make sure that the skip feature doesn’t cause something important to be missed like a new opening or ending. Automatic skipping control will be coming in future iterations.

Which episodes have “Skip Credits?

To make “Skip Credits” available as soon as possible, we’ve started with the last 10 or so episodes of the below titles with the exception of Dragon Ball, which has it on the first 15 episodes.

“Skip Credits” will also be on all of the Fall 2021 simulcast season titles. You may not see the skip buttons as soon as a new episode launches to help avoid launch delays, but they will be added.

More episodes are being updated every day. If the skip buttons aren’t available yet, you can still fast-forward through the opening and ending and use the little screenshots that appear as a guide to skip the opening and the ending. Each screenshot represents 10 seconds.

What’s next?

First off—more apps. “Skip Credits” will be added to the Funimation website, iOS app, and Android app soon. “Skip Credits” will be added to the other apps that can support it after that.

Second—more features. Simply adding a button that skips ahead is only the beginning. Future iterations will allow you to skip the recap, skip the preview, and even set which things are skipped automatically without you having to do anything at all. It will all be within your control!

A special thanks!

The “Skip Credits” feature would not be possible without our Content Operations Team taking the time and care to add the skip cue points and our Engineering Teams developing an expandable solution and bringing it to our leanback apps.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped get this feature finally launched, and I can’t wait for us to add the next phases! I’d also like to thank you, our fans, for sending in requests for credit skips. Please keep those suggestions coming!

So what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today and watch even more anime in less time! 

Happy streaming!

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