One Piece Celebrates 1,000 Episodes with Commemorative Battle of Onigashima Visual

one piece wano country, luffy and zoro

In anticipation for the upcoming monumental One Piece Episode 1000, Toei Animation has released an epic celebratory visual depicting the Battle of Onigashima!

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The gorgeous, sprawling art features the key players from the Land of Wano Arc clashing, and promises just as epic of an impact from One Piece Episode 1000, which is set to air in Japan on November 21.

One Piece Episode 1000 Visual

Just a quick glance at the visual shows Luffy and Kaido ready for a brawl, with the Straw Hats, Yamato, Kid and Law all ready to take on Tobi Roppo and Beat Pirate All-Stars.

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The One Piece manga recently celebrated 1,000 chapters and 100 volumes, and the anime’s episode count will soon hit its grand milestone, kicking the Wano Arc into Fourth Gear for what is sure to be an exciting conflict that fans will love.

With just five more episodes to go, one of the most anticipated anime events for the series is almost here! Make sure to catch up on all things One Piece, right here on Funimation.

Source: One Piece official site