Vampires Unite in VISUAL PRISON x The Vampire Dies in No Time Collaboration

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From MARS RED to The Case Study of Vanitas to Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut, there’s no denying that 2021 is the Year of the Vampire!

And as if they weren’t powerful enough already, the dashing idols of VISUAL PRISON and the bumbling duo of The Vampire Dies in No Time have joined forces, swapping outfits for this special collaboration visual:

VISUAL PRISON x The Vampire Dies in No Time Crossover Art

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But their affinity doesn’t just end there: they also share voice actor Makoto Furukawa as a vampire in VISUAL PRISON but a vampire hunter in The Vampire Dies in No Time, and Yukie Sugawara, who is on series composition for both series.

It was also announced that Jun Fukuyama, who plays Draluc in The Vampire Dies in No Time, and Mutsumi Tamura, who plays John, will star in VISUAL PRISON Episode 4.

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