AHH! Our Favorite Anime Scaredy-Cats

In anime, some of the most popular characters are the ones who are strong, brave, selfless and have fabulous hair. And while these courageous individuals are meant to inspire us to live fearlessly, let’s be honest—not everyone can be inherently heroic.

Anime has a plethora of cowardly characters! Often, these characters are meant to make the lead look even more incredible. But we all know that just because they are scared, doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

For this list, we are going to highlight some of our favorite anime scaredy-cats! These characters spook easily, run away and can always make up an excuse not to fight. However, when push comes to shove, they are always there in the end, even if you have to drag them back. 

Kon from Bleach

The adorable Kon from Bleach is an artificial soul that helps out Ichigo by possessing his body when he is in Reaper mode. When he isn’t piloting Ichigo’s body, his soul lives comfortably in a stuffed lion.

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Usually, artificial spirits are solid and aloof, but not Kon. Kon is a cowardly lion who would rather hide behind his more vital allies. Especially the female partners. Despite his casanova-like personality, Kon is very supportive of Ichigo and his friends. He also possesses super-speed and acrobatic jumping abilities. Kon may not be useful in a fight against hollows, but he will cheer for you…from a far distance.

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Italy from Hetalia

Feliciano Vargas, a.k.a. Italy from Hetalia, is the anthropomorphic embodiment of Northern Italy. Yes, you read that correctly. Italy has a cheerful personality and an apparent obsession with pizza and pasta. However, he is also a big ole crybaby!

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The tenuous character often relies on his pal Germany, but rarely listens to him. He’s a bit of a lazy coward who dreams of doing nothing. Honestly, same. It’s hard to imagine that this cute world leader took on advisory Turkey all on his own. Perhaps it is his small stature that makes us want to protect him in the context of the anime.

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Usagi from Sailor Moon

What happens when the protagonist with fabulous hair is also a bit of a scaredy-cat? You get the fan-favorite Usagi/Sailor Moon! The warrior from the moon and protector of love is endowed with celestial power, but she has to stop running away to use them.

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Usagi’s fear makes her kinda clumsy and liable in battle, often putting her fellow Sailor Scouts in danger. In fairness, she’s only 15, and that’s a lot of pressure for someone still in Jr. High. But, just like her catchy theme song, “She is the one who you can depend on.” The Princess of the Moon never gives up on a fight no matter how terrified she is! Usagi knows how to transform that scaredy-cat energy into a brutal force.

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Myoga from Inuyasha


When you see Myoga from Inuyasha, it’s understandable why he might be a scaredy-cat. He is, after all, a tiny flea in a big world. The talking parasite travels with Inuyasha and Kagome on their quest to recover the jewel fragments and defeat Naraku.

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Besides being very chatty, Myoga does have a vast amount of knowledge, and sometimes that information can be helpful. Easily frightened, flea prefers to hide with the ladies rather than be beneficial in a physical sense. Wait…I’m sensing a theme. Still, you can’t help but forgive him because he’s so itty bitty.

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Zenitsu from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Zenitsu Demon Slayer

You can’t have a list of lovable cowards without Zenitsu! The young Demon Slayer is the type who may have lied on the resume and still got the job. That resume was a life or death test.

The young Demon Slayer is so terrified of his career and life that he often proclaims he doesn’t have long to live. He usually uses it as a pick-up line on cute girls, so take what he says with a grain of salt. Underneath the blonde hair and shivering skin is a skilled warrior.

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For whatever reason, Zenitsu becomes brave when he is in a state of unconsciousness. Then, he can use his Thunder Breathing techniques to trounce demons. Oddly, when he wakes up, he has no recollection of ever doing so. Zenitsu may appear to be a weakling, but we know that deep inside he is a hero.

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Usopp from One Piece

You would think that someone who is 5’9″ and has cascading muscles would symbolize bravery, but Usopp fits in perfectly with the crew on this list. Usopp is the Straw Hats’ master sniper, a skill that requires nerves of steel and quiet resolve. And when he’s on his A-game, he is both of those things!

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Sadly, that comes after a copious amount of pep talk. The pirate from the Syrup Village dreams of being a fearless pirate like his father was. Fans know that his dream will come true…as soon as he musters up the courage to keep chasing it.

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These are just a handful of our favorite anime scaredy-cats. Now, let us know who is on your list! Even though they may be cowards sometimes, they aren’t afraid to give their best and conquer their fears.

So, as we transition through spooky season and into fall, remember it’s OK to be scared. And hide behind someone strong or pretty or both. You can watch all these characters on their home series, right here on Funimation.