Rody, Pino and the Incredible Journey of Having Pet Birds

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission explores the sweet and powerful relationship possible between humans and pets through Rody Soul and his pink bird, Pino. As someone who grew up very closely with two peach-faced lovebirds, I would say that there are only a few things in the world that compare to gaining the love and trust of a bird.

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Although not all birds have the ability to speak, many of them are able to display their love and understanding through other means, such as the chirping, cuddling and wing-flapping Pino does to Rody throughout the movie.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

They’ve got your back

Deku and Rody’s paths initially intertwine due to Rody taking a shady job as a jewel smuggler and delivering a package to someone in the city. Rody and his bird Pino confidently make a run for it with his outstanding parkour skills, despite having a Hero such as Deku tailing them.

Pino dares to fly into Deku’s face to gain more time for their escape. Since that moment in the beginning of the movie, Pino already demonstrates her willingness to have Rody’s back no matter who they’re facing. This reminds me very much of my bird Kiwi, because she doesn’t like when others get in her way. She’s always ready to fight and bite anyone, no matter the size difference. 

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Once Deku catches up to Rody and they both realize that there aren’t any jewels in the package, they go their separate ways. Deku ends up coming to Rody and Pino’s rescue, though, when authorities begin to pursue them. After that moment, all three of them are on the run and maintain a low profile as they escape pursuit in Otheon.

However, Rody is rather resentful to Deku, because he now feels that he’s involved in a situation that he doesn’t want to be in.

Shouldering emotion

Rody tends to take responsibility all on his own without wanting to bother others, especially if it doesn’t have to do with his immediate family. He doesn’t like to ask others for help due to his difficult upbringing, leading him to a point of extreme independence after the loss of his parents, and turning him into the head of his household at a young age.

Pino loves and knows Rody after many years together, and she believes he’ll make the right decisions no matter what. Although birds might not speak, all of them are very observant of the actions of those around them.

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Deku’s pure and heroic heart naturally gets him to start fighting to protect Rody, and he ends up getting hurt. Once they successfully escape and patch Deku up, Rody and Pino formally introduce themselves after being touched by Deku’s selfless actions.

Deku shares his dreams and desires to help others as a hero, and Pino lands on his head in a cuddly way. Rody soon reveals his rough upbringing and how it has impacted the way he lives his life, caring for his younger siblings. He has gotten through tough times before, along with Pino’s positive presence in his life pushing him forward, which I can relate to after everything I’ve been through with my birds since 2008.

Together forever

Toward the end of the film. Rody goes on to say that he doesn’t feel that it’s a hard choice to choose between society or his family. He reflects on his tragic upbringing and how he has endured. This leads to an incredible moment where trust becomes key and Deku and Rody team up!

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Rody and Pino are determined to stick together until the very end. My precious parrot Indy passed away last November. Indy and I were inseparable, just as Pino and Rody are. I’ll always remember our first and final days together, along with all of the adventures that happened in between.

Without spoiling the final moments of the film, we learn something truly special about Rody and Pino. As a representative of Rody’s soul, Pino represents the best parts of caring for and trusting a bird (or any other animal!) as a pet. If you establish trust with them, they’ll be by your side through everything.

And even though they’re a nontraditional pet, birds can touch your heart just as other pets can. And in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, birds can even save the world.

Dedicated to my lifelong best friends — Indy and Kiwi.