Otherside Picnic English Dub Announced, Cast and Crew Revealed

Can you survive in another dimension? We’re excited to announce that the Otherside Picnic English dub is officially headed to Funimation, and we’ve got the latest info on the series English cast, crew and more.

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On November 15, all 12 episodes of the Otherside Picnic English dub will arrive on Funimation, which means your journey into this mystery sci-fi series is about to begin (or begin again!).

The English cast for the series includes Madeleine Morris (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless ReincarnationKemono Jihen) as Sorawo Kamikoshi and Emily Neves (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun) as Toriko Nishina.

Otherside Picnic

Check out the full cast and crew list for the series below!

Sorawo Kamikoshi Madeleine Morris
Toriko Nishina Emily Neves
Kozakura Sarah Wiedenheft
Akari Seto AmaLee
Natsumi Ichikawa Michelle Rojas
Will Drake Z. Charles Bolton
Ray Barker Christopher Guerrero
Greg Billy Kametz
Abarato Chris Wehkamp
Kankandara Katelyn Barr
Lady Hasshaku Michelle Lee
Producer Michelle Rojas
Sound Supervision Peter Hawkinson
ADR Director Michelle Rojas
Recording Engineers Brian Castillo, Ray Wilkins, Peter Hawkinson
Production Assistants Sally Haden, Timothy Johnson, Shosuke Akamatsu, Nazeeh Tarsha
ADR Script Supervisors Jeramey Kraatz, Emily Neves
ADR Scriptwriters Leah Clark, Madeleine Morris
ADR Prep James Baker, Austin Sisk

From studio LIDENFILMS (Tokyo Revengers), Felix Film (Nekopara) and director Takuya Satou, Otherside Picnic first debuted during the Winter 2021 anime season, with a simulcast right here on Funimation.

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