7 Reasons Why Satoru Gojo Is Your New Obvious Anime Obsession

There are moments when an anime or manga comes out and immediately connects with the masses. Jujutsu Kaisen, the shounen mega-hit from Gege Akutami, is one of those series—immediately capturing the hearts of anime fans around the world.

Though Akutami created a unique world of Sorcerers, Curses, monsters and Domain Expansions, it feels familiar at the same time, making it easy to love from the jump. The characters of Jujutsu Kaisen each have these distinctive styles and personalities, and they are so easy to connect with.

There’s the naive, yet strong Yuji Itadori, the somber, yet loyal Megumi Fushigoro and the stubborn, yet skilled Nobara Kugisaki. And we haven’t even mentioned the villains! This series thrives on its relationships, bringing to life a truly supernatural world.

But there’s one character that has cast a magical spell on Jujutsu Kaisen fans everywhere—Satoru Gojo. We’re confident that, at some point in your online scrolling, Gojo has appeated in your timeline. Whether as a meme, cosplay or shots from the series, we just can’t get enough of the Sorcerer.

In case you’re not under his spell quite yet, we’ve made a list of seven reasons why fans (and you, by the end of this) are absolutely obsessed with Satoru Gojo.

His Domain Expansion!

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Sorcerers can use their energy to create Domain Expansion, like pocket dimensions to send them and their opponent into when things get tough. The more power the Sorcerer has, the greater their Domain Expansion. And yes, Gojo is one of the most powerful and skilled Sorcerers out there!

His Domain Expansion, Unlimited Void, showcases his mastery of Cursed Energy, transporting the target to the center of the universe. In this purple-hued space, their senses are overwhelmed with information, taking in everything at once. This sensory overload causes the target to slowly die, solidifying Gojo as one of the greats, and makes clear why the baddest of the bad fear his power.

He’s an absolute goofball

Though he is known for his phenomenal strength and as a force to be reckoned with, Gojo isn’t really interested in work or fighting—he prefers to goof off. Whether taking pictures of an injured Megumi, planning shopping trips with Itadori and Kugisaki or bringing snacks to the fight with Sakuna, Gojo lives freely.

Perhaps his nonchalant attitude is his way of coping with his strenuous job. After all, protecting the world is no easy feat. Or maybe he’s just naturally hilarious and carefree. Either way, his humorous shenanigans make this list.

He’s a phenomenal teacher

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Jujutsu Kaisen is a “school anime.” Megumi, Itadori and Nobara are all students of Jujutsu Tech, and Satoru Gojo is one of their teachers. Gojo himself has said he lacks the characteristics of a teacher, but still accepted the position.

His methods are far from traditional, with his curriculum consisting mostly of taking his students on missions assigned to him. Now, before you judge, Gojo is always nearby if the missions get too tough. His experience-driven teaching allows his students to level up faster than other students, and lets them think for themselves and trust their instincts.

Gojo hopes that his way of teaching will tear down the current hierarchy of the Jujutsu Sorcerer world, and forge a freer path that cares for those it puts in the pather of danger.

He is fiercely loyal

This fun-loving Sorcerer tries not to take things too seriously, but if there’s one thing he does take seriously, it’s his friendships. Gojo believes that it’s not only important to have strong allies in a fight, but in life itself. After all, it’s his close relationship with Nanami Kento that brought him out of “retirement.”

Manga readers will also know all about Gojo’s best friend and rival, Geto Suguru. Without giving too much away, the two were thick as thieves, and their friendship frames how Gojo treats others. Deep down, Gojo cares for his students and his friends, and will do everything in his power to help them succeed. Just as long as it doesn’t interrupt nap time!

He’s so DREAMY!

We’re probably stating the obvious here, but Gojo is easy on the eyes. Speaking of his eyes, they’re like little blue oceans that fans want to dive into. His silver hair has a tint of lavender that adds to his ethereal look.

Not enough? His warm smile is enough to make even Nanami blush! He’s 6’3″, which explains his model-like physique. Combine that all with his low-toned voice and it’s no wonder he makes fans swoon.

He’s got a sweet tooth

Gojo is in amazing physical shape. How does he maintain that hot body? By eating sweets! He initially started eating sugary snacks as a way to help him concentrate and stimulate his imagination (which he claims helps with his Domain Expansion).

Instead, he ended up addicted. One of his favorite treats is mochi stuffed with a delicious whipped cream and sweetened edamame paste. He loves sweets so much that he brought a bag full of them to his battle with the infamous Sakuna.

One of the sorcerer’s favorite treats is mochi that is stuffed with a delicious whipped cream and a sweetened edamame paste. Gojo loves sweets so much he brought a bag full of snacks to his battle with the infamous Sukuna. We have nothing but respect for a man who appreciates a good dessert.

He loves Digimon

Jujutsu Kaisen is packed with references to the beloved long-running Digimon series. Not only is it a show the series creator seems to enjoy, but he also made it one of Gojo’s favorites as well.

The digital-monster-packed anime series features creatures that evolve and fight to protect the Digital World and the human world. Many anime fans adore Digimon, so the fact that Gojo does too makes him even more like-able and relatable. Sorcerers, they’re just like us!

We could go on and on all day about what we love about Satoru Gojo, but that would just be obsessive. But at this point, you’re probably already aware of just how incredible the man is, and just how obsessed you either already are or shortly will be. Don’t worry, we understand.

What do you love about Gojo? Share this post and let us know! And keep it locked to Funimation for all things anime, this season and beyond. And remember, there’s enough Gojo to go around. So, please don’t fight over him.