From 9 to 5: Anime About the Work Life

The work grind can be tough, so we look to anime after a long day on the job as a stress reliever. This might sound contradictory, but even after working all day, I actually enjoy watching work-centered anime, shows that offer viewers an escape into a different line of work, one that can occasionally turn reality into fantasy!

These types of anime can offer a different definition on the word “work” and can be very entertaining. Here are a few work-themed anime to add to your watch list.

Cells at Work! 

Cells at Work Science Anime

Cells at Work! is an anime series that takes viewers deep inside the human body and shows how the approximately 37 trillion cells, well, go to work. From the oxygen-carrying Red Blood Cells to the bacteria-fighting White Blood Cells, Cells at Work! takes the time to explain biology in a fun and interesting way.

In a way, this anime reminds me a bit of a film and TV series I grew up with, Osmosis Jones. And that’s in the best of ways. Both shows cleverly use a “work theme” to help us understand how things function in the body, in a simplified yet engaging way. 

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The show is educational while also being lots of fun! It’s often humorous, and the “characters” of the Red and White Blood Cells have a lot of personalities and showcase just how adorable Platelets can be (in animation form, of course!). I’ve felt like I learned more about the human body in this anime than I did while in school, and the work aspect is vital because it teaches viewers just how essential teamwork is.

Cells at Work! reminds us that, despite the circumstances, teamwork makes the dream work! From fighting off bacterial viruses to seasonal allergies, everyone comes together for one more significant cause.

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 The Devil is a Part-Timer!

In this series, the Demon Lord Satan seeks to conquer the land of Ente Isla with his vast demon armies. Instead, his efforts are foiled by the hero Emilia, which forces him to retreat through a portal and end up in the human world. With his loyal general Alciel, the demon finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo and vows to return. But first, he has to find a way back.

Until then, Satan creates a disguise in the form of a human named Sadao Maou and begins working at MgRonald’s—to make ends meet—deciding that he will work to become the ruler of Earth, one satisfied customer at a time!

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One of the wackiest fantasy anime I’ve ever watched takes a super powerful being, forces him into everyday life, and makes him work a part-time job. This anime is not only humorous, but action-packed too. The scenarios are so outlandish that it makes it such a joy to watch. It’s also relatable (except for the fantasy aspects) with Satan juggling a job, socializing, paying the bills and getting tasks done.

Often, work schedules can be a bit hectic, not leaving you room for much else except the necessities. The Devil is a Part-Timer offers a slight reprieve for those who may be stressed out or need a pick-me-up.

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Servant x Service

Working with the public can be frustrating, but as we see in Servant x Service, work is anything but mundane. The series follows Lucy as she seeks revenge on a civil servant who put her entire, very long name on her birth certificate. To do this, she gets a job as a civil servant and meets Yutaka, a slacker, and Saya, a nervous first-time employee.

While the anime gives us a look into how government employees work, the series is packed with outlandish scenes featuring the strangest people the trio encounters on the job, and the colorful personalities of their office. Though not totally sure how to navigate their work, the three help each other to keep it together.

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It reminds me of jobs where I’ve had to work with the public, offering everything from laugh-out-loud moments with characters to memories of being a newbie on the job. Though the series may seem repetitive at times, its strength is in its solid cast of simple, likable characters and quirky personalities we can all relate to.

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Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest PA Works

Sakura Quest tells the story of college graduate Yoshino Koharu on her path to break free of her rural hometown and live life in the city of Tokyo. After a lengthy job hunt, she receives a part-time offer as queen of the “Kingdom of Chupakabura,” a rundown tourist trap in a small town. Finding purpose in helping to revitalize the area, she takes the job.

The series props up its ensemble cast beyond just Yoshino, as we meet Maki, Sanae, Shiori and Ririko, each from different backgrounds. Though they lead separate lives, they’re all working to help revive Manoyama, tackling their personal problems at the same time.

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The issues they face are very relatable, and give plenty of depth to the cast. Viewers will likely resonate with the struggle of finding a dream job, only to have things not work out as planned, all while feeling alone in a place that’s unfamiliar and sometimes scary.

Sakura Quest offers a glimpse into the world of tourism and illustrates a message about trying to improve oneself. This is something we can all apply in our careers or personal lives, and it’s an anime I feel inspires hope in those that experience it. Plus, it’s got some great slice of life moments!

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