The Heike Story Unveils New Visual and Trailer for Japanese TV Broadcast

The Heike Story PV Screenshot

The tale of the Heike has come to a close, but it’s a story that lives on in its retellings! Director Naoko Yamada’s latest masterwork, The Heike Story, will air on Japanese TV from January 12, and they’ve just released a stunning new visual and trailer in anticipation.The Heike Story Japan Broadcast Visual


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If you’re a fan of historical epics, don’t miss all 11 episodes of The Heike Story, right here on Funimation! 

Official synopsis: A young orphan named Biwa is taken in by the powerful Taira Clan—also known as the Heike—after their leader witnesses her extraordinary psychic abilities.

Unfortunately, what she predicts is a future of bloodshed, violence, and civil war. Inspired by the 12th-century epic tale Heike Monogatari.

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Source: Comic Natalie