Titanify Yourself in our Attack on Titan ANZ Giveaway

Attack on Titan is the gritty anime gift that keeps on giving, with its fervour for action, gruelling emotional arcs, and terrifying Titans.

With all 8 OADs landing on Funimation this week, and the epic premiere of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 in January 2022, we invite you to join our Titanify Yourself celebration and win some epic prizes!

Win a premium Mikasa or Levi 1/8 figure

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself, a friend, or even a pet using forced perspective so that the subject of the photo looks huge, like a Titan.

Share it on your social accounts with the hashtag #titanifyanz and tag @funimation_anz for your chance to win one of two Kotobukiya 1/8 Scale Artfx J Figures of Mikasa and Levi!

Quick tips for forced perspective photography:

  • Experiment with distance between subjects: closer to the camera = larger effect, further away from the camera = smaller effect
  • A wide angle lens gives you more space to work with
  • Try different angles for trick shots
  • Have fun and make us smile with your photos

We’re hyped to see what you come up with, so: in the words of Mikasa Ackerman, “believe in your own power” and enter now on Funimation ANZ’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.