Dr. STONE Hits the High Seas with Season 3 in 2023, Ryusui Special This Summer

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Research is still ongoing over at Jump Festa 2022, but we’re ready to deliver more findings from one exciting event: the Dr. STONE Super Stage event!

After a seafaring teaser was shown right after the conclusion of Dr. STONE: STONE WARS earlier this year, new information was revealed to confirm that the sequel is a third season, and it will arrive in 2023.

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But that’s not all! Dr. STONE Special Episode – RYUSUI was also announced, and it will arrive in Summer 2022. We’re one billion percent excited!

Based on the manga by Riichirou Inagaki and Boichi, Dr. STONE is directed by Shinya Iino at studio TMS Entertainment, starring Yusuke Kobayashi (How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom) as the genius Senku Ishigami as he reboots civilization thousands of years after its petrification.

Synopsis: Modern society is lost when a mysterious light turns humanity to stone. Thousands of years pass and high schoolers Senku and Taiju awaken in an overgrown version of the world they once knew. With Senku as the brains and Taiju as the brawn, they’re determined to revive the petrified masses and rebuild civilization—but of those they’ve rescued, Tsukasa will rock their plans.

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Are you hyped for more Dr. STONE? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for all the latest Shonen Jump news out of Jump Festa 2022.

Source: Jump Festa 2022

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