The Case Study of Vanitas Previews New Theme Songs in Latest Trailer

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 1 Screenshot 2

sasanomaly and LMYK nailed the alluring mystique of Paris in their theme songs for The Case Study of Vanitas, but it’s time for two new artists to set the stage for what’s next!

Little Glee Monster (My Hero Academia Season 2 ED) will be performing “Your Name” for the opening, followed by jazz-pop group MONONKUL making their anime debut with “salvation” for the ending theme, which we hear in this full trailer for the much-anticipated continuation.

The trailer also further introduces us to Astolfo Granatum, played by Ayumu Murase (Ranking of Kings), a Chasseur who obstructs Vanitas and Noé on their hunt for the Beast of Gévaudan.

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Based on the manga by Pandora Hearts creator Jun Mochizuki, The Case Study of Vanitas is directed by Tomoyuki Itamura (Nisemonogatari) at studio Bones (My Hero Academia), with character designs by Yoshiyuki Ito (Space Dandy) and music by Yuki Kajiura (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba).

If you’re a fan of supernatural fantasies and Victorian aesthetics, check out The Case Study of Vanitas in sub or dub, right here on Funimation! And don’t miss new episodes when they start arriving on January 14 amongst a super exciting lineup of anime next season.

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Source: Aniplex official YouTube channel