Initial D Sequel MF Ghost Rides High with TV Anime in 2023

Get ready to feel Deja Vu, because the exhilarating thrills of Initial D are back to get our hearts Euro-beating again! Awaiting us across this year’s finish line in 2023 is the TV anime adaptation of MF Ghost, a sequel to the iconic car racing series, which just released its first teaser visual and trailer.

Front and center is the main character’s Toyota 86, whose real-life engine can be heard in the teaser trailer among the revs of a Lamborghini Huracan and a Ferrari 488 GTB.

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Based on the 2017 manga by Shuichi Shigeno, MF Ghost takes place in present day where electric and self-driving cars are the norm in Japan. Kanata Livington, who was trained by Initial D protagonist Takumi Fujiwara, returns from racing school in the United Kingdom to take part in MFG, an intense road race with sports cars that use a now-rare combustion engine.

Additional details about the anime, such as cast and staff, are yet to be revealed.

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Source: Comic Natalie, MF Ghost official website