Futsal Boys!!!!! Joins Funimation’s Winter 2022 Lineup

You haven’t known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school futsal until you experience Futsal Boys!!!!!, which we’re excited to announce is coming to Funimation later this month!

With five whole exclamation marks, you can really feel our excitement about this new entry into the ever-growing catalog of sports anime. But what is “futsal”?

Unlike the wide field of soccer, futsal is usually played indoors with a smaller ball and only five members on each team, along with other slight rule tweaks that will no doubt be explained in the show.

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As for the story, Futsal Boys!!!!! follows aspiring pro Haru Yamato, played by Ryōta Takara, and the Koyo Gakuen High School team as they take on all manner of rivals in a world where futsal is booming in popularity.

Filling out the rest of the team are Shūto Ishimori, Kohei Yoshiwara, Ryōtarō Yamaguchi, Kazuki Furuta and Yasunao Sakai, who make up an impressive squad of mostly anime newcomers!

An original project by studio diomedéa (Ahiru no Sora, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent), Futsal Boys!!!!! is set to premiere on January 9 among an equally exclamation-worthy lineup of simulcasts this season.

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