Universal Studios Japan to Open Hunter x Hunter Attraction in March

Calling all Hunter x Hunter fans! In November 2021, Universal Studios Japan teased that Yoshihiro Togashi’s famed Hunter x Hunter series would arrive at the park, and they’ve just released details on how it’s coming to life!

The new attraction, a theater show, is set to open on March 4 and run through August 28 as part of the Universal Cool Japan 2022 event, which aims to bring some of Japan’s biggest franchises to the park via immersive virtual reality experiences.

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The show, titled Hunter x Hunter the Real 4D, brings together 3D visuals from the series with curated sound, lighting and immersive effects, all designed to put you into the world of the popular series.

You know what this means folks—you can wield Nen abilities now too, sort of.

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The show will feature an original story centered around Gon, Killua and Kurapika infiltrating a mafia auction at the Hunter Association’s request. When fan-favorite villain Hisoka appears, things quickly ramp up into an all-out battle!   

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Source: Universal Studios Japan’ official Twitter account, Crunchyroll News