Anime & Dating: Stylish Anime to Help a Stylish You

Hey there, daters! In my last edition of Anime & Dating, I talked about believing in love again after a bad breakup. This time, we’re going to talk about preparing ourselves to jump back into the dating pool! Not the deep end, but maybe like three feet?

Getting back out there can be just as difficult as a breakup. I should know, since I have decided to get back out there! But it’s important when dating (and in life) to have a strong sense of self-esteem.

Our self-esteem is how we sometimes value ourselves and it shows others how to treat us. High value, high self-esteem. Low value, low self-esteem. It’s perfectly normal to fluctuate between the two. But, when it comes to finding that special someone, you want to put your best self forward. That way you attract exactly who you want.

A great and easy way to boost your self-esteem is dressing up and looking fly! By using fashion, we can reflect how we feel. Think of it as your magical transformation! And, you don’t have to give up your soul, find a magical talking cat or join your high school’s Earth defense club.

To help inspire your next profile picture or date outfit, I thought we could look at anime that feature stylish characters with impeccable self-esteem. And as a bonus, each recommendation has its own unique animation style!

Daisuke in The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED

When you think of confidence, there is nothing quite like a suit. Daisuke from The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED exudes confidence, sophistication and some serious vibes.

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It does help that Daisuke is rich, but you get the idea. Whenever Daisuke is on the scene of a mystery, people immediately stop and pay attention. His confidence comes from his vast intellect, but the suit sells it. Think about wearing statement pieces that leave a strong impression but also match your vibe!

Watch The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED on Funimation!

Bulma in the Dragon Ball series

Often in anime, characters have one “look.” And while many of the characters in the Dragon Ball series have a signature look, tech-genius Bulma serves us variety! It may be why people love to cosplay like her.

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This mother of two not only switches up her wardrobe, but she also switches up her hair. Bulma can go from a scientist in her lab coat and glasses, to a comfy casual look in a white top and grey slacks, or even get sexy in her iconic bunny suit!

All are completely different looks, but all are uniquely her. You are a multifaceted individual, so let your wardrobe show that. By embracing all that you are, you help reinforce a strong self-esteem. Also, who doesn’t love options?

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Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang in LINK CLICK

Unlike the previous recommendations on this list, Chen Xiaoshi and Lu Guang from the sci-fi mystery series LINK CLICK both have a modern, simplistic style.

The two photo studio employees primarily dress in neutrals that match their quiet charisma. Also, many photography colorings are neutral: Black/white, noir, sepia, etc. And to many, dating and dressing up almost seem synonymous with each other. But sometimes keeping it simple is fine too!

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Chen Xiaoshi and Lu Guang’s simple style lets us focus on their good looks and individual tastes! They are so dreamy! Remember, style and self-esteem are all about being comfortable. You don’t always have to be flashy to show you’re confident, just do and wear whatever makes you feel good.

Watch LINK CLICK on Funimation!

Kaede in Gal & Dino

So far, we’ve talked about making a strong statement, playing with different looks, embracing simplicity and now we are going to focus on accessories.

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There aren’t many characters who love accessories quite like Kaede from Gal & Dino. Kaede already has a fabulous sense of style and self-esteem. Her colorful fashion matches her colorful personality. Among her eclectic wardrobe is an array of accessories. She has hats, jewelry, bags, shoes and even glam makeup.

These little additions create a big impact in highlighting her looks and her self-esteem. And the same thing is true for you! Though, we all know the real fashionista is her dinosaur roommate.

Watch Gal & Dino on Funimation!

And that completes this edition of Anime & Dating! As you find yourself back on the dating scene, remember to always embrace who you are. Whether you switch up your style, accessorize or keep it simple, the best thing to wear strong is your self-esteem. You are amazing.

Happy dating!