Platinum End Reveals New Cast Members, Key Visual for Second Cour

The battle to become the next god of the world rages on, with more voice actors and a new key visual now entering the ring for Platinum End‘s second cour!

Joining the cast is Megumi Han (Hunter x Hunter) as Susumu Yuito, Saori Ōnishi (Sonny Boy) as Yuri Temari, Daiki Yamashita (My Hero Academia) as Shuji Nakaumi, Kenjiro Tsuda (The Way of the Househusband) as Gaku Yoneda, Ryota Takeuchi (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) as Yazeli, KENN (Cells at Work! CODE BLACK) as Penema, Romi Park (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) as Ogaro, and Fumi Hirano (Urusei Yatsura) as Muni.

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Based on the manga by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba, Hideya Takahashi (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind) is directing the 24-episode complete adaptation of for Platinum End at studio Signal.MD, with Shinichi Inotsume (PERSONA5 the Animation) as series composer and Koji Odate (No Game No Life) as character designer.

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Synopsis: When life becomes too much for Mirai to bear and attempts taking his own life, he’s saved by Nasse, a guardian angel who offers him a chance at becoming the new god.

To do so, he must face off against 12 other candidates within 999 days. Mirai, who was once at rock bottom, now finds himself with supernatural powers in a battle royale for the highest title.

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Source: Comic Natalie