Akebi’s Sailor Uniform English Dub Announced, Cast & Crew Revealed

We know it’s only January, but it’s already time to go back to school with the Akebi’s Sailor Uniform English dub!

Cartwheeling her way into the cast for the first episode is Megan Shipman (Sing a Bit of Harmony) as the spirited Komichi Akebi, joined by Tia Ballard (Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut) as her sister Kao, Erica Schroeder (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?) as her mother Yuwa, and Greg Dulcie (Golden Kamuy) as Taira.

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As Komichi begins her junior high journey, she’ll meet Pam Dougherty (One Piece) as the school’s principal and Kristen McGuire (SSSS.DYNAZENON) as her teacher Ms. Tamura, and make her first friend with Suzie Yeung (Pretty Boy Detective Club) as Erika!

And here’s the crew that’ll be guiding them through an inspiring premiere:

ADR DirectorAlexis Tipton
Assistant ADR DirectorJason Lord
ADR EngineerOlivia Harris, Derric Benavides
Mix EngineerWilliam Dewell

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Based on the manga by Hiro, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is directed by Miyuki Kuroki (Her Blue Sky) at studio CloverWorks, with scripts by Rino Yamazaki (SHADOWS HOUSE) and character designs by Megumi Kouno (Shelter).

If you’re a fan of slice of life and coming-of-age anime, don’t miss the English dub of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform when Episode 1 drops on January 29

Synopsis: It’s Komichi Akebi’s first year of junior high and she has her heart set on one thing: Robai Private Academy’s sailor uniform.

As the next chapter of her life gets closer, she dreams of all the exciting new experiences she’ll get to have—school lunches, classes, club activities, and of course, making lots of friends! With her favorite outfit on, Komichi feels ready for anything. 

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