Requiem of the Rose King English Dub Announced, Cast & Crew Revealed

Requiem of the Rose King PV Screenshot 1

What light through yonder window breaks? It’s the Requiem of the Rose King English dub, and we’re excited to announce the series cast and crew, including Ciarán Strange (ASTRA LOST IN SPACE) as Richard!

The first episode’s the thing, wherein they’ll catch the conscience of the audience with these co-stars.

HenryLandon McDonald
Duke of YorkJ. Michael Tatum
EdwardE. Jason Liebrecht
GeorgeAaron Campbell
WarwickBrent Mukai
CatesbyIan Sinclair
AnneEmi Lo
CecilyMorgan Laure
JoanKayleigh McKee

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And here’s the army of crew members that’ll be supporting them on their conquest.

ADR DirectorShawn Gann
Assistant ADR DirectorMarcus Stimac
Lead ADR EngineerPaul Cline
ADR Script WriterMacy Anne Johnson, Jessica Sluys
ADR Script SupervisorTyler Walker
ADR PrepBenjamin Tehrani
Mix EngineerGino Palencia

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Based on the manga by Aya Kanno, Requiem of the Rose King is directed by Kentaro Suzuki (Angels of Death) at studio J.C.Staff, with scripts by Hiroki Uchida (Gamers!) and character designs by Chikara Hashizume.

If you’re a fan of dark historical anime, don’t miss the English dub of Requiem of the Rose King when it drops on January 30!

Synopsis: The Wars of the Roses grip medieval England as the houses of York and Lancaster vie for the throne. Richard is the third son of the Duke of York, who plans to take the crown.

Richard wants nothing more than for this to happen, but this innocent wish will plunge England further into the chaos of war. Meanwhile, Richard is struggling with a battle far more personal. 

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