Introducing PURE TOKYO, an Original Video Series from Funimation

TOKYO! This city is pure creativity, pure excitement. Host Patrick Macias takes us through food, fashion, manga, anime and more in PURE TOKYO, a five-episode, original video series exclusively on Funimation’s official YouTube channel.

Each episode dives deep into a cultural touchstone of Tokyo, from art and cooking, to fashion design and, of course, anime! Take a look below at each episode as they air, and let us know what you think!

PURE TOKYO Episode 1 features a live-drawing and interview with the iconic Terumi Nishii, who has worked on series like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

PURE TOKYO Episode 2 takes us to Harajuku, where we learn about HYPER CORE, and a surprising connection to…Billie Eilish??

PURE TOKYO Episode 3 is all about udon, and a traditional way to prepare it. We’re hungry just watching!

PURE TOKYO Episode 4 takes us into the world of toymaking, from someone who made their way to Tokyo to bring their art to life!

PURE TOKYO Episode 5 reminds us that anime…is EVERYWHERE! Let’s take a look through the anime manhole covers in the streets of Japan.