Attack on Titan Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle Comes to Call of Duty

The Scouts had plenty of time to clean up, so it’s time for the Armored Titan to come knocking on Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific‘s walls! And we all know how that goes…

From the red tracers of “Armored Strength” Assault Rifle to the “Colossus” Sniper Rifle and Kenny the Ripper-inspired “Anti-Personnel” Pistol Weapon, the new Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan—Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle comes with all the necessary Blueprints to fulfill your island mission.

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Even on the grittiest of battlefields, we can’t forget to slay in style—starting today, you’ll be able to inherit the “Armored Titan” Operator Skin as Roland Zeimet of the Barbarian faction, and deck out your emblem with symbols of the three walls, weapons with the “Titan Serum” charm, and spray with the Colossal Titan to strike true fear into your enemies.

And finally, all the threads come together with the “Die-urnal” Watch, the “Thunder Spears” Calling Card and the “Unstoppable Force” Highlight Intro!

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As the curtains begin to close on a modern epic, don’t forget to catch Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2, right here on Funimation!

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Source: Press release