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Subs are back! FunimationNow welcomes 300+ subtitled shows starting Nov. 10

By now, you've probably heard the news: subbed anime is heading back to FunimationNow! Over 300 subtitled shows will be added to our library, totaling at more than 10,000 episodes and movies! You’ll start to see these shows come through...

‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ finishes run with superhero-sized $5.7M box office and top ten ranking

FLOWER MOUND, TX – October 12, 2018. Last night in Canada, “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” closed out the final day of its North American theatrical run. Buoyed by demand from audiences and exhibitors alike, the film screened for...

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Nicholas Friedman is a career pop culture journalist and Sr. Managing Editor at Funimation. You'll likely find him talking about Mob Psycho 100.

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The Heike Story is a Beautiful Modern Retelling of a Historical Epic

Every anime season always has one underrated gem, and for me this past fall, that gem was The Heike...