How the Dragon Ball Z 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition 4:3 Aspect Ratio Was Created

The most iconic action animated series of all time celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and last week we announced a brand new collector’s edition for Dragon Ball Z—with the series in 4:3—to celebrate this milestone! This set has...

The Best Reactions to The Promised Neverland 😱

The Promised Neverland had a killer first season. Theories and speculation have run rampant among new fans across message boards and subreddits, and with every new episode came a whole new slew of questions. Even manga readers, who certainly know...

We’re Celebrating Strong Anime Women on International Women’s Day 💪

March 8th is International Women’s Day, so we added a new mood list on our site for Strong Female Leads. But, there are so many awesome women in anime that our list got crazy long! Here’s our attempt at highlighting...

10 Neat Folklore References in The Ancient Magus’ Bride

"Ariel" might not be the reference you excepted!

💕 One True Pairing: Our Top 10 Favorite Anime Couples

Love and ships are in the air! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re looking at the top ten anime couples that make our heart go ‘doki doki’. See if your favorites make the list! 002 x Hiro (DARLING in the FRANXX) We’re...

Donuts, Love & Peace – Happy Birthday, Trigun

20 Reasons We Love Trigun on its 20th Anniversary! Whether it was your favorite late-night anime show, or you’ve only ever heard the name, it’s time to pay respect to Trigun. This highly-acclaimed mash up of western shootouts and final-frontier...

10 Reasons Why Being Reincarnated As A Slime Is Actually Awesome

It's way cooler than it sounds.

Attack on Titan – Top 5 Titans

It's a pretty terrifying list.

Let’s Talk Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is officially 20 years old! It's a huge milestone and Bebop's popularity is still as strong as ever. The question was, how do we celebrate? There were already a number of standard and exclusive releases out there...

The Real Stories Behind the Bungo Stray Dogs

From Osamu Dazai to Chuuya Nakahara, here are some of the real stories behind the colorful cast of characters from Bungo Stray Dogs!

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