FunimationCon 2020: Frequently Asked Questions

What is FunimationCon?
FunimationCon is an opportunity for anime fans to gather in a virtual setting and enjoy informative panels and sessions, share cosplay photos, chat, attend screenings, get autographs, and shop.  We’ve tried to provide many of the features fans have become accustomed to at physical cons, but can’t due to the many cancellations this year.  It will take place on July 3rd and 4th.

Where can I access FunimationCon?
FunimationCon is available via the web in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand at

Do I have to register to attend?
Yes. All attendees will require a valid email address and ID number which will be assigned with their virtual badge on the confirmation screen and in their confirmation email.

How do I register for FunimationCon?
Go to  Answer a few simple questions, and you’ll receive your virtual con credentials to use for entry on July 3rd and 4th.

How much does the event cost?
Registration for, and attendance at FunimationCon are completely FREE!

How do I get into FunimationCon?
On the day of the events, if you have already registered, go to and click “Sign in”. You will be prompted to enter the email you registered with, and your virtual badge number. If you have not yet registered, click the “Register Free” button. Fill out the registration page, and your confirmation will have a button that lets you into the event with no further sign in.

Is FunimationCon available anywhere?
FunimationCon is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland.

Is there an age requirement?
All fans registering must be over 13 years old.

Are tickets limited?
There are no tickets, and because this is a virtual con, we do not have the typical space limitations that come with physical conventions.

Will there be caps on any of the events?
While headwear is always an option, and a jaunty bowler is always in fashion, it is never required at FunimationCon sessions

But seriously, how do I ensure that I get into the sessions I really want to attend?
There are no caps, and our platform is stress tested for maximum attendance.  Video streaming may be affected by the performance of your home network, and limitations from your provider, however.

I registered, but never got confirmation. What do I do?
First, check your email Spam or Junk folder. Often emails from unfamiliar senders are diverted there. If you cannot find it there, go to, and click the link that says “Forgot your badge number?” and you will be prompted to recover your badge number. 

I registered for FunimationCon, but cannot attend. What do I need to do?
We’re sorry you can’t attend.  But you don’t need to do anything.  If you are a Funimation Streaming subscriber, you’ll be able to see many of the sessions On Demand after the event.

Can I give my credentials to a friend?
No. The credentials are non-transferable. However, the event is free to everyone in the supported territories, so they should register and attend

Do I need to be a Funimation Subscriber to attend?
It is not necessary to be a Funimation subscriber to attend.

When does registration close?
Registration will be open through the end of the event.

What browser is best to enjoy the event?
You can enjoy FunimationCon on all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, as well as Android and iOS.

Can I get to FunimationCon on my phone?
Yes. You can attend FunimationCon via any device that supports a web browser.

What happens if my badge number doesn’t work?
Your badge number will work. Please make sure that you are using the same email address that you used when you registered. Then double-check that you have the badge number correct, and that you are not transposing any of the numbers.  

What do I do if I have trouble logging in on the day of the event?
First, make sure your internet connection is working properly. Then, please double-check your credentials and try again. Make sure that you are using the same email address that you used to register, and that you are entering your badge number exactly as it appears on your badge.

Will the sessions be recorded, or do I have to go live to see them?
Many of the sessions will be recorded and offered after the Con on the Funimation streaming service.

Are the sessions live?
Some will be live, featuring live talent Q&A, and others will be pre-recorded

How can I submit questions for panels?
There will be two options for sharing during sessions, located to the right of the video window. The “Chat” option is for general conversations. The “Q&A” option is to direct questions to one or more of the panel participants. Please note that questions will be screened, and not all questions included in the discussion.

Will there be concurrent sessions during FunimationCon?
Yes. We will be running two concurrent program tracks on both days, so plan your visit accordingly.  While times have not yet been announced, follow our blog at for regular updates.

Is there a way I can watch both tracks at the same time?
It’s possible to use a second screen to supplement your primary screen by using a second devise and logging on to the FunimationCon site with your credentials.

When will a schedule of events be posted so I can make plans?
We’re announcing more programs each week! Check the Funimation blog regularly for updates. A complete schedule will be available on June 30.