Black Butler

ERASED, Sword Art Online II and More Come to Funimation in the UK and Ireland

Get ready for more amazing anime! ERASED, Sword Art Online II, Black Butler: Book of Circus, and Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign will all be available to stream English subbed and dubbed in the United Kingdom and Ireland...

Second Chances: 5 Characters That Returned with a New Lease on Life

The loss of a beloved anime character never gets easier. Denial. Anger. Resentment. All stages of grief that many of us experience when we’re forced to sever a connection with our fictional companions. The idea of losing a crucial...

Black Butler Seasons 1 and 2 Return to Funimation

Seasons 1 and 2 of the highly-popular supernatural anime Black Butler are returning to Funimation! Ciel Phantomhive was born into a life of luxury, only to have his beloved parents brutally murdered before his eyes. Wrought with grief and tortured...

Conventions 2017: Project A-Kon!

We are happy to say that we are also going to be at Project A-Kon in Forth Worth, TX this weekend!

Black Butler Live-Action Character Cards

The live-action Black Butler movie is a new story that takes inspiration from many elements of the anime—learn about some of the new characters!

Funimation Acquires Black Bulter: Book of the Atlantic

Get ready to weigh anchor and hit the open seas! Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic is coming to theaters and home video!

Home Video Acquisition – Black Butler Live-Action Movie

Phoning all fans of Victorian finery, demon butlers, and juicy revenge stories: the Black Butler live action movie, comes to Blu-ray and DVD this May!

You Are Cordially Invited to a Black Butler: Book of Circus Tea Party

In celebration of Black Butler: Book of Circus coming to Blu-ray and DVD with the new English dub, we’re hosting our own Black Butler Tea Party on April 22—and we’d love for you to join in the fun! Here's...

Conventions 2016 – Marching in to Anime Milwaukee & Naka Kon!

We're starting this month with a convention double-hitter! Next weekend, you can catch Lauren and Tim at Anime Milwaukee, or say hi to Justin and Godswill at Naka-Kon! Our teams are bringing panels, pins, premieres (and more!) so you...

Black Butler’s Latest Installments Come to Home Video in Book of Circus and Book of Murder! + Cast Announcement

We’ve got some big announcements today for Black Butler fans out there— new installments of the series are coming to home video, and we have your English dub cast announcement AND season 3 trailer! Black Butler: Book of Circus is...

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Your Guide to the Spring 2022 Anime Season on Crunchyroll and Funimation

Spring is in the air! You know what that means. New anime is coming to Crunchyroll! This upcoming spring...