Fairy Tail

Conventions 2018 – Anime NYC

We're back in New York to celebrate anime, especially one of our favorite titles, Fairy Tail! To see what all we have planned for Fairy Tail check out our blog here. See what's in store for screenings, panels, and...

Fairy Tail @ Anime NYC 2018

  We're getting fired up for Anime NYC because it's going to be all about Fairy Tail! We're doing meetups, panels, giveaways, photo ops, and much more with the voice actors and ADR Director at this convention. See what all...

Fired Up For Fairy Tail in Fall 2018!

We're all fired up that Fairy Tail is coming back this Fall! Your favorite magic guild of Fiore gets back together for the final anime season and we're enchanted by it. Stay tuned for more upcoming details and see...

Fairy Tail Collection 9 Home Video Update

Due to a packaging error on our part, Fairy Tail Collection 9 originally scheduled for an August 15th release has been moved to September 5th. The date change is a result of the incorrect DVD and Blu-Ray discs being included in collection 9.

October 2017 Home Video Releases

October 2017 is bringing the spooky and the fun! From the interstellar hits like Dragon Ball Super and Space Patrol Luluco to the mystical and horror like D.Gray-man and Danganronpa 3, October will have plenty!

August 2017 Blu-ray and DVD Releases

August 2017 will be downright beastly! From the magical powerhouses in Fairy Tail Collection Nine and the Fishman brutes in One Piece Season 9 to the Blu-ray re-release of Fruits Basket to the monstrous Shin Godzilla, you can bet that August is bringing the heat! Check out the full list of titles below!

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry – North American Premiere

Fairy Tail fans rejoice! Your favorite magical guild is back and this time to the big screens! Their new movie Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is coming soon to theaters in North America and you can be sure that we'll...

June 2017 Blu-ray and DVD Releases

See what is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this June on Funimation's store. See big titles such as Outlaw Star, Dragon Ball Z Kai, KanColle, and more!

January 2017 Home Video Releases

See what's coming to our anime shop in January for home video releases in the anime list below!   Shomin Sample GARO: CRIMSON MOON Rurouni Kenshin Part 3: The Legend Ends Fairy Tail: Collection 6 Aquarion Logos   Shomin Sample   The Complete Series – Episodes 1-12 – Blu-ray/DVD...

Omamori Himari: Our Favorite Catgirls

The world is getting more stressful for multiple reasons- maybe work is piling on more work or exams are coming- but we're here to help deal with that. With the release of Omamori Himari (on November 8th on DVD)...

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