Noragami Aragoto

Scarlet Nexus Opening Theme to Be Performed by THE ORAL CIGARETTES

Are you ready to enter the world of Scarlet Nexus? Sunrise has announced that Japanese alternative rock band THE ORAL CIGARETTES is bringing their signature style to the opening theme of the upcoming anime series! The band's song "Red Criminal"...

Noragami’s Bishamon, The Great Goddess of War

For Women’s History Month, we’re featuring the incredible women of anime, from studios to characters and timeless creators. I love nothing more than awesome characters and watching cool anime fight scenes. What's even better, though, is finding an anime with...

Get in Shape with Our Noragami… Workout Routine?!

Get a bod like a god with Yato’s unique workout! We have stretches, strength training, and cardio in this new Noragami workout program!

You Don’t Need Five Yen for these Noragami Aragoto Downloadable Wallpapers

We have some beautiful art from Noragami Aragoto (available now!) that our team turned into downloadable wallpapers for you!

The Gods of Noragami Aragoto, Explained

We’ve got all the details on your favorite Noragami Aragoto gods to prepare you for the upcoming release of the worthy sequel to Noragami.

February, March, and April 2017 Blu-ray and DVD Releases

See which Blu-rays and DVDs are coming to Funimation's store this February, March, and April. Wolf's Rain, My Hero Academia, and more come out this period!

Noragami Aragoto Pre-Order

Nothing comes easy when dealing with a god of war and calamity. Except for the new release of Noragami Aragoto! From Studio Bones comes the next iteration in the hit 2014 anime Noragami. Adapted from a manga by Adachitoka, and...

FUNimation Fan Favorites Results

  After nearly two weeks of voting, the fans have spoken. As we kick off 2016 with our Winter Season, we hope you enjoyed your holidays and a wonderful year full of great anime simulcasts and broadcast dubs. We look...

Fan Favorites Images

Today (1/4/16) is the last day to vote in the 2015 Funimation Fan Favorites award to see what are your favorite shows, characters, and moments from our 2015 simulcast and broadcast dub anime seasons. You can take place in...

Fall Broadcast Dub English Cast Announcement – Noragami Aragoto!

We're making your prayers and wishes come true with the English dub of Noragami Aragoto which premieres in the Dubbletalk Block on Wednesday, November 11th at 9:00pm ET! We have your first look at the English cast for the series down below.   Summary: Yato is...

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